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Tag Archives: ceramics

153 The Art of Saturday Night

THE ART OF HAPPINESS My husband and I have always had a happiness trick that we have used throughout the years and that is to play Saturday night! The art of happiness, what is that I hear you ask – well it goes something like this; You know when you have those days or weeks […]


135 History of Mosaics

THE ARTWORK LAST SUPPER This work “Last Supper” is one that I have painted in acrylic and also done in ceramics and mosaic and as today’s topic for my art blog touches on the history of mosaic I thought this work would be a good one to feature. MOSAIC HISTORY The History of Mosaic seems […]


94 Sala ART & Stars

(photo courtesy The Plains Producer, photographer Lisa Redpath) SOUTH AUSTRALIAN LIVING ARTS FESTIVAL The Sala Festival or South Australian Living Artists Festival as the acronym stands for is just that;  a showcase for us artists that are not dead yet!  LOL, so that’s a good thing right, a club well worth supporting for as long […]