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Category Archives: Art & Children
The doctors visit

230 Art And Trauma – Painting Out The Pain

Here is another blog written by freelance contributing writer , Helen Farnes hope you find it interesting. For many centuries now, we have cultivated a very persistent artistic stereotype. The idea of the tormented creative, driven by inner turmoil and the horrors within to create works of transcendent beauty and significance is one with which […]

winston knows coloring in and clay workshop in Katowice. 4 jpeg


Here is another blog written by freelance contributing writer , Helen Farnes hope you find it interesting. Is your child being bullied at school? Childhood bullying is unfortunately a widespread problem and faced by many of today’s youth.  According to the Australian Covert Bullying Prevalence Study, 27% of students from year’s four to nine were […]


122 Its not over till the fat lady sings & Art

NAIVE PAINTING I have always loved that expression, so of course I had to paint the image one day and this (acrylic on board) painting is the result.  If you look closely in the first row on the left hand side by the stage you will see me and my family, hubby and me with […]


100 Some like it hot in Art

ADELAIDE ROYAL SHOW HISTORY So the show is over for another year and a good time was held by all.  The Royal Show in Adelaide has been held since 1840 which incredibly was only 4 years after the South Australia’s settlement which occurred in 1836.  Early on the show was mainly produce based and featured […]


86 A million miles an hour and little miss chuck up in Art

PAINTING AND CHILDREN Looking at this painting brings back so many memories from when the kids were little.  There is a four year age gap between our children Kai and Hillivi and were for the most part the best of friends growing up.  We lived on a farm until just recently and the nearest kids […]


84 Art & Were do Babies come from

THE ART OF MAKING BABIES I bet you all know where the inspiration for this painting came from, yes of course being pregnant and all that.   Seems like a long time ago now and a time filled with excitement and trepidation.  I cannot say it was a great state to be in as feeling sick […]


13. The Art of Happy Mothers Day

BEING A MOTHER & ARTIST I drive my kids nuts, but hey that’s a mothers job, keeping them safe and out of danger. Happy Mother’s day to all you wonderful mothers and being one is the most fantastic gift but at the same time a guilt ridden curse.  It was hard enough when they were […]