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Tag Archives: exercise

209 The Art of Failing New Years Resolutions

PAINTING So how many of you made New Years Resolutions and how many of you are still going steadfast keeping up your promises?  We all have good intentions for the most part but it is a struggle isn’t it?  In this acrylic on canvas board painting you can find one of my resolutions that seems […]


127 Use it or Loose it in Art

THE ART OF KEEPING FIT Ever since my late teens I have done some form of exercise every day.  Usually an hour’s worth come hail, rain or shine; the only exception would by New Years Day when my head hurts too much!  Although I am one of these people that need to sit around and […]


96 What a Virus & Art

THE ART OF GOOD HEALTH So I thought I was doing so well, feeling fit and healthy, giving the credit to my great fitness regime of daily exercise, lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts and plenty of water (Got to keep the exercise up if you are an artist and sit at an easel […]