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118 Put a Ring on it & Art


As Beyonce sang “If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it” and we are all familiar with the lyrics from Single Ladies, Shayne a new friend of ours was plotting to propose to his long time lover and girlfriend Samantha.  They were childhood sweethearts and although “life” had temporarily got in the way they found their way back to each other and had been raising their blended family of 4 children for the last 10 years with all the trials and tribulations that entails.  This artwork below was painted for good friends of ours a farmer boy who married a city girl who was into exercise and worked in a nightclub.

naive painting of an engaged couple,opposites attract a farmer with farm animals and a tractor and a city girl fond of nightclubs and excersise

Opposites attract!

Back to the story and their friends would from time to time ask when they were getting married, but all was sweet and they were happy – so why tamper with perfection?

Well as time moved on Shayne decided that he better make an honest woman out of her, the problem was they run a small business together and most days are spent side by side, so there is little time for surprises.


Firstly there was the problem of buying the ring.  He knew just what she liked but she was also the one doing the books of the business and “miss eagle eye” was always butting her nose in when he took a cash job!  Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? So pretty tricky to siphon of enough cash without making the little missus suspicious, Shayne had to use all the excuses in the world as to what he was doing with the extra money.

“D-Day” (proposal day) was looming closer and by this stage Samantha was thinking he was acting really odd, so for him to get the restaurant booked and flowers ordered he needed help and enlisted Samantha’s best friend into the secret.

All was set – ring bought, restaurant booked, flowers ordered, babysitter organized.   So at the end of a long hard day at the business Shayne out of the blue suggests that they should go out to dinner.

Samantha does not think so… she is tired after slaving away all day, then came home and sorted 4 kids home work and various dramas no doubt, then started their dinner and just wants to flop by the telly, as you do!  Shayne won’t be put off and insists that they should have a date night, so Samantha reluctantly agrees, makes a minimum amount of effort to get ready as she grumbles about having to go out.


So off they drive in the car, then Shayne suggests a little drink is in order and pulls into the bottle shop drive-though and Samantha is thinking this is so out of character, I mean really can’t he wait 15 minutes till they get to the restaurant ? What’s wrong with him?

Anyway they get to their favorite restaurant and the staff looks at them blankly when they say the name;  “No sir, there is no booking in that name”.   The waiters are running around in a flap, then the manager appears and gives Shayne a big wink and a nod to the huge arrangements of roses on the counter “Well of course we have your table all ready for you, Sir.  Shayne is mortified as the game is nearly given away but luckily Samantha is taken with the celebrity pictures on the wall and misses all the goings on.


A bottle of champagne is ordered as soon as they sit down and Shayne hops into it by this time he is perspiring profusely and skulls a couple down, Sam is feeling a bit cross and says that “I suppose I WILL have to DRIVE home now”.


Also normally they would order an entree each and no dessert but this night as Shayne has arranged for the flowers and ring to come out with the dessert he is insistent that they have that too.  Sam tells him he is being queer but if he insists she will reluctantly go along with it.  She has been looking forward to the scallops for entree but as they now have to share one entree she reluctantly settles for Shaynes choice of oysters.  However after all the fuss about sharing entree Shayne can only manage a couple of oysters in between all the glasses of champagne.  He leaves the rest for a fuming partner, who now obviously will also have to drive them both home and more than likely also tuck him into bed, the way things are going!


But wait there is more that is bothering Shayne…. there just happens to be a light shining brightly from the ceiling exactly above their table spoiling the romantic mood.  So Shayne is plotting how to turn that off and finally enlists a waiter to climb up on a chair and take the globe down.  Meanwhile he is having another champagne and Samantha is thinking he has really lost the plot – when finally dessert appears with the beautiful roses and a gorgeous diamond ring.  She cries and says YES and he utters a big sigh in relief, all is forgiven and they live happily ever after!

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So here is a quote by Rita Rudner, that I think fits pretty well here;

“It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting and loving to you all.

Love Marie xxx   (c)

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