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Body art is something I have always been fascinated with, I guess it comes from my background as a model and later opening a beauty salon where we also did all sorts of makeup and body art.

photo of Marie Jonsson-Harrison with fantasy make up by artist Ted Jonsson

Let your face be your canvas!


This image was painted by my father artist and sculptor Ted Jonsson on my face and used as the logo for the beauty salon, which I ran together with my mother whilst modelling before switching careers altogether as an artist.


This particular photo session was in the evening and on the drive home I nearly scared some motorists half to death.  I had forgotten that I still had the makeup on as we made our way home in the car, my husband was driving when we stopped for a red light.  We sat there for a little while and then I turned and looked at the car that pulled up next to us and the couple in the other car got such a fright upon seeing my double face they ran the red light and took off like a bat out of hell!   LOL!  I can be a scary girl sometimes (well our SA Government thinks so too as you can see in this story 179 ART AND CHAINED TO THE RAIL WAY TRACK).

actress Demi Moore on artist marie Jonsson harrison's blog body art about emma hack

Body Art on Demi Moore, one of my favorites!

Anyway body art comes in many forms like body piercings and tattoos.  I am quite fond of tattoos, particularly on men, there is just something a bit “bad boy” about it that appeals to me.    I have not got any myself unless you count permanent eyeliner into the equation, although getting that done certainly hurt just like a normal tattoo.  I may one day get the kids initials done but have as yet not found a motive I like or for that matter a place where I want to have it, big decision as it is FOREVER!

artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison body art on model deb betty

My friend Debonella


Another form of Body art is using the body as your canvas as these photos of my best friend Debonella shows as the court jester.  These days the practice has taken a step forward and leading the way in my opinion is South Australian artist Emma Hack using models as canvas.

model painted by body artist emma hack as a mosaic tile

Emma Hack's mosaic model!


She has been exhibiting extensively throughout Australia since 1990 and recently made inroads overseas as well particularly in London, New York and Singapore and her works evoke a rich array of visual narrative and magical realism as these images  below show.


artwork by artist Emma Hack from the bird of prey collection, combining body art,photography and an owl

Bird of Prey

My particular favourite series of Emmas is her BIRDS OF PREY collection that had Emma working with real Australian wild life such as an Owl, Wedge-tailed Eagle and Peregrine Falcon and exploring the notion of camouflage and drawing inspiration from another era.  Inspiration also came from the iconic Florence Broadhurst range of wallpaper designs and that series culminated in a wonderful coffee table book.


Another collaboration that I loved was with the Indie band Gotye for the single “Somebody That I Used to Know” where Emma provided the make up for the film clip.  Gotye or “Wally” went on to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making him the fifth Australian-based artist to do so and he also went on the receive 3 Grammy awards in 2013.  Incidentally he is also a favorite with James Abberley a wonderful artist in his own right which you can listen to and read about here 111. Indie music, Art and Paintings with James Abberley I’ll be a Bird.


Here is a quote I think fits pretty well here by Leopold Stokowski , although we have to add the word body to the canvas part too;

“A painter paints pictures on canvas.   But musicians paint their pictures on silence”.

artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison's logo for her beauty salon on the art blog Body Art and Emma Hack

Two faced - the Gemini in me!

Till next time happy painting and sculpting and making music too you all.

Love Marie xxx

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