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4. Big Birthday Blues Painting


This acrylic on canvas board painting is called La De Da Shangrila , it was inspired by my birthday celebrations in Bali. If you look closely at the artwork you will find me in the middle on the balcony in a blue dress drinking a cocktail,my cousin Dan and his partner Johnny are on the left.  Hubby is doing a spot of fishing in the yellow boat and our kids Kai and Hillivi are in the middle on the foreshore waving to you and friends are all around us.


So another birthday was waiting in the wings, my thought has always been that bring them on-they certainly beat the alternative!! But do they have to come so thick and fast, lurching from one to another without getting a chance to catch my breath?  Just did the big one a year and a bit ago, was feeling quite depressed at the thought – you know would I suddenly lose my sex appeal, age overnight, fall apart, loose my figure, become disinterested in the opposite sex.  My motto has always been as far as the opposite sex goes ‘Just because I am on a diet, doesn’t mean i can’t read the menu, right?lol  Nothing wrong with just looking!  So I thought long and hard about my “Problem” and realized ageing was only just in my mind.  Nothing that drastic had happened to the exterior yet.  I decided there and then, I was not going to do the big 5 0, I was going to turn 25 plus 25.  I went to bed very happy that night and have not felt depressed since, it’s all just a state of mind.  Hope you enjoy this painting La De Da Shangrila of my fantastic birthday party in Candi Dasa in Bali.

Naive painting by Marie Jonsson-Harrison called La De Da Shangrila of her birthday celebrations in Bali


My darling husband Bryan organized the whole thing, 2 separate 25th birthday parties two nights in a row, the first party in our favourite restaurant, Vincent (yes the artist) and the other on the roof of our time- share.  We had invited some of our closest friends to come and celebrate with us and our kids of course.  We were 13 all in all, and had the most fantastic time with a big banquet, great band the 3 amigos (which turned into 4)  the wine flowed all night and even a few of the staff joined in the festivities with lots of really mad crazy dancing.  Our guests stayed with us for a week and we so enjoyed showing “our” Bali and its wonderful sights and smells and treasures to our friends.  The night of my actual birthday was spent climbing a volcano, so that we could have breakfast with an amazing view, followed by snorkeling and daily massages and lots of fun and partying.  Lots of inspirations for more painting!

So hey if you are about to turn 50 or any other number- I highly recommend it.  As I said before, it certainly beats the Alternative.

Till next time happy painting and sculpting to you all!

Love Marie xxxx

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