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80 Cashed up and Arty Farty


Isn’t it interesting how friendships are, how people come and go in your life?   Some are there all the way others appear and disappear only to reappear again.

Just like I imagine these cats do in my painting “Cats in Case” in a Louis Vuitton bag (which is also available as a limited edition Giclee Print)

giclee print and painting of a louis vuitton case full of cats and kittens

Cashed up Cats!

If I think about my own friends and I do have quite a few, although I could probably count on 2 hands the ones I could run to if I was really in trouble and know that they would come to my aid.  That’s not saying that I don’t treasure the rest any less as each and every one of my friends has added value to my life.


Now I won’t count into that number the “fair-weather” variety that did me wrong over the years. Oh yes I have had my share of those, as I think most of us have.  You know the type they come across all sweetness and light and you just love them to bits when suddenly you find they have just pulled the carpet from under your feet.

You are just like “I swear I was just standing on carpet a minute ago, what AM I doing here lying on the floor”!   With time you learn to dust yourself off and get on the bike again although it does hurt just as much as when you were little, it is lucky that with the years you learned some coping skills.

We just had this discussion with the nephew who said he has many different circles of friends and we are just the same.


There is the” Hippy Variety” – into having a good time and looking after the environment, “ The Cashed up lot” – when we go out with them we end up spending a week’s wage on one meal and need the magnifying glass to find the food on the plate,lol and have to stop at McDonalds on the way home!

“The Teacher group” – loves books like me & always interested in everything,  The “Arty-Farty gang” –  doing the art galleries, film and theater events,  “The Swim friends” – where it’s all about health & diets and the “Farmer mob”- oh you guess it, all about the weather at first, but then you peel a layer and there is lots more to them too.    I still see some of my “Modelling friends” where it’s about old times, botox and menopause, lol  – it used to be more fun when they were into sex, drugs and rock & roll!


Not forgetting our kids, their friends, nieces and nephews as well, I have to admit I am rather fond of the younger generation – they are lots of fun and haven’t gotten that grumpy old man or woman syndrome yet either which is always a bonus.

Anyway what’s with the grumpy syndrome anyway – take a chill pill and enjoy life it’s way too short to waste on negativity (I do make exception for one grumpy friend lol somehow he is cute & grumpy and makes me laugh)

The thing is I enjoy all of their company and feel very lucky to have such a broad range of people who are all interesting in their own way.  So with such a cross section of friends there is not a chance to get bored.

Now over the last year I have acquired a new category the Facebook friends – and yes a lot are of course just acquaintances; however there certainly are some of those with whom a deeper relationship is developing, reaching out across the world from Scotland to South Africa, Indonesia to Hongkong, Turkey, France, USA, the Middle East and even Russia.


A rich diverse and very interesting lot they are.  So today I would like to share a poem from one of these friends, her name is Annamarie Causer and she is a writer, columnist and author of many poetry books.  She also writes for a website called  CRAIGMILLAR (look under Memories for Diary of a Countryside Lady) or find her on Facebook FB CRAIGMILLAR (for news, opinion, history and events)  Annamarie was inspired to write this from the “Cats in case” artwork, and I hope later on to share more of her work with you.

Kitties to the left of me,
kitties to the right.
out the box
they pop,
playfully causing fright.
Some with white sock.
A suitcase laced
with a li’l
Legs braced
agin their tangling,
and dangling
furry body.
Their whirlish dervish
and devilish laced
cause endless frantic
a worrisome flurry
and such a worry
(but only to cat haters)”

Here is a quote I like from Abraham Lincoln,

“No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens.”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting to you,

Love Marie     (C)

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