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90 I Miss New York & Art


I miss New York and our New York friends so much today!  Don’t you just love the “Big Apple” the city that literally never sleeps.  Streets teaming with people of every race and nationality and shops and food from every culture.    Talking about the culture – what about all those fantastic Broadway shows and the fact that you can pick up a cheap ticket either in the booth at Times Square  or through the lottery the individual  theaters use.  New York has a multitude of artistic inspirations to which artists never tire of exploring in all art forms, including me of course having done many paintings and sculptures on the subject.


As I have mentioned before – hubby had promised to take me to New York 25 years prior to our arrival there – you cannot say he doesn’t keep his promises, lol.

In the early 80’s whilst I was modeling in Europe, Bryan backpacked  through Europe where he made lots of friends along the way,  American couple Peter & Amy were two of them,  newly married and on their honeymoon.  Later on when he found himself in New York he decided to look up them up, and was immediately offered a bed, being the gorgeous people they are.    Bryan stayed with Rosslyn & Sol (Amy’s parents) in Paramus which is in New Jersey about half an hour from the city centre of New York.

You know how life goes – they all kept in contact for the first 10 or so years with a letter or postcard here and there, then life got in the way and we would get the occasional postcard from Peter as he circumnavigated the globe on various adventures in his job as Chief Engineer on various ships.

So we plan our first trip together to the USA and although I had never met them I have spent the last 25 years hearing all about the great time Bryan had and the wonderful friends he met and now the search is on to try to reconnect.

Boy what a saga that was, endless searches on the internet and phone calls etc, but finally a bit of luck through the maritime college in New York where Peter used to teach, and bingo they got in touch.

(Below is my acrylic on board painting of the apes at the Bronx zoo, a must in the sightseeing schedule)

outsider artist marie jonsson harrison's painting of monkeys swinging through the trees at the Bronx zoo

Monkeys at the Bronx Zoo


What came as a complete surprise however was the incredible warmth of these lovely people.  As soon as Amy heard that we and our children were coming their way, we were offered a bed with her parents in Paramus.  This is 25 years later mind you and for all she knew we may have turned up on her doorstep as Riff Raffs, lol but she had no hesitation and we spent 2 fantastic weeks there.

We spent 14 days on wonderful adventures in and around New York sometimes with Amy & Peter and also on our own investigating the city.  Met more of their family and friends too and spent a combined Christmas/Hanukkah as that year, the 2 celebrations fell on the same day.

Oh and what a feast that was.  Amy does not do things by half, the table was laden with goodies such as various finger foods; meat or vegetarian, platters of roast beef and other meats, vegetables in all their colors, a French dish made from filo pastry stuffed with cheeses and jam (to die for) a glorious Mushroom Pie (dead again,lol), olives, nuts, chips, crackers dips, pâtés, cheeses, fruits, bagels, pumpkin pie, cakes, biscuits and cookies in every shape and form.  Our eyes truly boggled and when I asked Amy how come she had bought and prepared so much food enough to feed an army, she said; “Well you got to have a choice, don’t you!”  It was one of those days where you ate and drank from midday to midnight and couldn’t possibly do up your pants or they would bust.

It is a Christmas that we will always treasure, so a big salute and cheers to our New York friends and I leave you with another dear New York friend,  Bob’s favorite quotations, he is funny as a fit and we met through Amy & Peter.

“Some people are like Slinky’s – not really good for anything buy they bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs..”

“Why don’t you slip into something a little more comfortable….like a coma”.

Till next time happy painting and sculpting everyone,

Love Marie xxx  (c)

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