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This painting is of the Sydney Aquarium and if you look closely in the middle top of the artwork you can see me with long brown hair wearing a pink top and jeans with our daughter Hillivi in my arms and just in front is son Kai and hubby with the mustache and camera.

We used to go to the aquarium every time we visited Sydney and I thoroughly recommend a visit, such an amazing underwater experience without even getting wet!

naive painting of colorful fish and people walking about at the Sydney fish aquarium

The art of being underwater without getting wet


I love painting underwater scenes and fish and am always fascinated by the subject, also love snorkeling of course.  However when you don’t want to get your hair wet (it’s a girl thing) LOL, going sightseeing to the aquarium is a great outing.

Sea Life Centre, Sydney’s Aquarium is open to the public and can be found on the eastern side of Darling Harbour to the north of the Pyrmont Bridge.  It is host to a large variety of Australian aquatic life and comprises of more than 6,ooo individual fish and other sea and water creatures, some 650 different species.

There are lots of individual aquariums but the most amazing exhibits are a number of sea-through underwater glass tunnels, where you stand on a conveyor belt and look above you as all the sharks, some of them, Great White Pointers swim past showing their incredible teeth, as well as stingrays, shark rays, shovelnose rays, zebra sharks, eagle rays and dozens of different species of fish.   It does give you butterflies in your tummy as it makes you question the strength of the glass separating us from them.

The Australian architects designed the structure to resemble a large wave to complement the underwater theme and took nearly 2 years to build.


bright and colorful naive painting of fish tank in Sydney aquarium by artist marie jonsson harrison

A fisherman's catch

It was opened in 1988 and is one of the largest aquariums in the world and now also houses a crocodile exhibit and used to have seals as well, unfortunately the seal enclosure has closed and the seals have gone off to Sea World in the Gold Coast.  However in it’s place we now have a renovated enclosure called the Mermaid Lagoon which is the permanent home of two Dugongs; Pig and Wuru who previously lived at Sea World.   The Mermaid Lagoon can be viewed both from underneath in the viewing tunnels and from above in an open-air deck.   The Southern Oceans exhibit also features an open oceans Oceanarium and Little Penguins.

It also comprises of a tropical touch pool and a live coral cave, all with a constant temperature of 25 degrees.  One part that I really love is the reef theater where you can view the coral canyon and all the fish through a window which is 7 meters by 4 meters, and that looks just amazing.


So if you come to Sydney that is a must!

LOL and here is a quote on the subject which amused me today;

“Men and fish are alike.  They both get into trouble when they open their mouths”

(author unknown)

Till next time happy painting and sculpting or perhaps fishing!

Love Marie xxxx

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