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I have recently come back from a wonderful 4 day trip to the Gold Coast with babygirl Hillivi and what a wonderful time we had.  I really should have stayed by the easel in my art studio painting but my daughter gave me quite the sales pitch, lol of why the 2 of us should fly up to Queensland together for a little getaway!

detail from London2012 painting of the London eye

Artistic inspirations from Ferris wheels and roller-coasters.

I must say that I am so glad she convinced me as we had so much fun, staying at the Chateau Beachside right in the middle of Surfers Paradise on the beach in a studio apartment with a sea view.


Even the flight up was really interesting when I sat next to a cute and talkative former soldier with a penchant for travel who recently returned from his deployment in Afghanistan and been part of some very hairy situations.   We declined his offer of a guided tour of Surfers and instead went and picked up our hire car.  As we had already taken out some extra insurance we debated back and forth on having to pay another lot that the car company was selling but in the end we signed up for that too (and as it turns out lucky we did).  Settling into the hotel, sightseeing and a Thai dinner followed.

Anyway the first day was spent at Movie World and wow what a time we had, after a fun start with a 4D Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs, we then got cracking with the rollercoaster’s good and proper.  For those of you who think that’s just for kids and teenagers you are soooo wrong, lol I just love a good ride!


First it was on to the Lethal Weapon coaster which had undergone some terrifying modifications and name change to Arkham Asylum and reaching speeds of up to 85km and pulling 4.5Gs.  Your feet hang in the air and miss the posts and poles by a toe length!  Now we are into it big time and run between that and the Green Lantern, Scooby-Doo and another of the favourites; Superman for the rest of the day.  Quite amazing we kept our lunch down as we spent more time upside down that upright I’m sure.


Then after a quick drive and spruce up it is off to DreamWorld to be part of the audience for the Big Brother eviction night.  That was lots of fun too, being avid Big Brother tragics (yes I know, reality TV and all that, but apart from the fly on the wall intrigue I love the psychology of it too, and if you give it a go you can actually even learn some life lessons from the show yourself I find) But it is a program you cannot dip in and out off, unless you watch it from the start you won’t be able to follow and really get the gist of it.   In any case we caught up with Caleb one of the evictees (had seen him down the mall the night before too with Layla from last year) and he was every bit as nice as he seemed on the show.  The perfect gentleman and not just nice to the pretty girls but genuinely nice to everybody, so good on you Caleb the Fireman!

mother and daughter sitting in Big Brothers diary room with 2013 evictie Caleb Geppert

Caleb the fireman was such a nice guy!

After seeing Heidi as the evicted housemate much to the surprise of the audience who had Tully pegged to go, we took off for Surfers for a late dinner and a squiz at the beachfront markets.

The rest of our trip will have to become another art blog for another day.  So I will finish with this quote that I think fits well here on psychology by Jerome Lawrence;

“A neurotic is a man who builds a castle in the air.  A psychotic is the man who lives in it.  A psychiatrist is the man who collects the rent.”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting to you all.

Love Marie xxx

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