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This travel and artblog is the continuation of my daughters and my Queensland trip and if you want to re cap here is the start; 197 THE ART OF BIG BROTHER & MOVIE WORLD

We got up early again the next day, beachwalked (got to do the exercise bit) and then we were on to SeaWorld.  I must say SeaWorld was amazing, so big and with so many great shows and animal displays and lots of great rides as well.


We started off with the show in Dolphin Cove followed by the Jet Stunt Extreme and Seal Harbour for the Fish Detective, three excellent shows.  Saw the Penguins and Polar Bears and then to the Shark Bay where we explored life beneath the ocean’s surface in the world’s largest man-made lagoon system for sharks.  We were amazed by the magical display of tropical fish, sting rays and other bottom dwellers.  You come face to face with the sharks that glide past the huge glass windows.  The two-level exhibit offers viewing both topside and underwater as well as an interactive touch pool and a snorkel and dive lagoon pool.  Next time we come we’re going to go snorkeling as that looked absolutely amazing.  Painting underwater scenes is something that I never tire of doing.

sharks,stinrays,fish,dolfins at SeaWorld underwater aquarium by naive artist marie jonsson harrison

Painting sharks,fish,dolfins and stingrays at SeaWorld


Then it was time for us to hit the Thrill rides at SeaWorld and our favorites were the Sea Viper and Jet Rescue, both had us screaming at the top of our lungs, we often sat in the front row seats and alternated that with the very back for a different experience.  My husband has said for quite a few years now that it is unbecoming for a woman over 40 to skip in public but lol I don’t give a toss!  He would have been horrified to see my daughter and I run and almost bowl over old men, pregnant ladies and children to get to the front of the queue for another turn on the rides.  Well almost anyway, we had so much fun and laughed the whole day through and lost count of how many rides we had.

photo of naive artist marie jonsson harrison and hillivi harrison enjoying a ride at seaworld

An Artistic Thumbs Up!

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and after being the very last passengers to leave on the Sky High Skyway we made our way to the hire car in the car park.  Mmmm maybe not so much fun now that we discovered that the car had been hit by some not so kind person.  That certainly put a dampener on our spirits, luckily in hindsight we had taken out the annoying extra insurance (or the hire car company would have kept $3000 dollars until the repairs got sorted out.)  I was very thankful to have babygirl hit the phones and sort out the car situation while I drove us back.  But as these things go when you hit a snag there are usually a few to follow and so it was when the key magnet for the car park and the door at the hotel was not working.


We decided the only thing to do was to head to the pool area and have a spa with a refreshing champagne to brighten our moods, lol but here again the now newly gained key magnet would not work so “moi” had to make her way through the front door to the bar in a bikini and a sarong – to get our refreshments.  By this stage the champagne was absolutely necessary and more like a medicine to cure the steam that was coming out of my ears, lol!  Thankfully the spa and Champagne did the trick and afterwards we had a very lovely dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.


We even fitted in a little bit of shopping and a trip to Infinity which was an amazing special effects place and scared the living crap out of me – cost us 25 bucks each and I held my daughters hand so tightly we both got cramp.  Hillivi had been before with her boyfriend and cousin Tamon and I think perhaps that is what we lacked some male company as it was really creepy and claustrophobic.  The advertising said explore your way through a maze of mind blowing futuristic worlds of wonder – an extraordinary series of around 20 multi sensual environments. Every world is a whole new exciting experience.  Come through the Time Tunnel portal and be immersed into the coolest place you have ever seen.   Take the trip!

dolphins in the aquarium at seaworld by artist marie jonsson harrison

Dolphin painting at Seaworld

And yes we did Take the Trip and really it was like you had taken drugs but not in a mellow nice way for me anyway I got totally paranoid and it wasn’t helped either by a Japanese contingent who had gotten themselves lost in the darkness and were now heading back to the start.  So what we encountered in the dark was a busload of Japanese people unable to speak English and all jam-packed into a 1 meter square room with what seemed to be no exit or entry door for escape.  This nearly did my head in until I figured out that with the mirrored walls, floor and ceiling there probably only were about 8 of them.  But they were certainly lost and trying to talk to us and not making any sense and scaring the crap out of me, lol.  Luckily Hillivi to the rescue, she found our way out of there or we would still be locked into that room now.  No more infinity fun for me Ever, roller coasters are much more my cup of tea!


The next day we enjoyed a beach walk, some shopping and a leisurely breakfast before sorting out the hire car dilemma and making our way to the airport.  Of course I was dreaming about the artistic inspirations of our trip and the paintings to come.

A fantastic few days getaway with my favorite daughter, Thank you darling child!

Here is a quote I like by author unknown that fits well here;

“A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting to you all.

Love Marie xxx

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