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35. The First Adam and Steve Artwork


This artwork is the first Adam and Steve (ceramic and mosaic 100cm x 150cm ) that I did and it was inspired by my cousin and his partner.  I have since made another Adam and Steve wall based sculpture and there was a funny incident at the art gallery where that sold, here is the art blog about that; Adam & Steve 2 Sculpture

My cousin Dan had previously been in a relationship for 13ish years with a lovely lady whom we all really liked and we saw both of them a lot.  So when they finally broke up we were all upset to lose her, although we do still keep in contact from time to time.

Ceramic and mosaic sculpture called Adam and Steve by outsider artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison

Happy and gay!

However in hindsight we should not have worried as his new partner is just the nicest of men and he has brought so much joy and love with him into our family as well.

Johnny has two grown up children and a dear mother who is 88 and none of them are at all bothered by this new relationship.

We now have gained more members to our family and celebrate birthdays and Christmas together as one big happy family which I think is great, particularly because apart from my immediate family the rest of our relatives are all in Sweden.


So I wanted to do an artwork to celebrate that fact, the tall blond one is Dan and Johnny is the darkhaired fellow.

Dan runs his own very successful underwear internet store and Johnny’s work as a motivational speaker for large corporations takes him on frequent interstate trips.  He also manages to compete in the Masters Games in sprinting and has won countless of medals, bronze, silver and gold for his age group and also competed overseas a few  times with great success I wanted to do an artwork to celebrate that fact.

The Artwork itself first won an award at a regional Art Show and then was bought by D&J and hangs outside on the wall in their pool area.


A couple of years ago they bought a fabulous house overlooking the sea and our jaws dropped at the fantastic view.  We had never really contemplated moving away from the farm but this view played on our minds.  So much so that we after a lot of looking finally found our own fabulous house with a view which we promptly bought.  At this stage it is being rented and enjoyed by another family and we sometimes drive past and dream, one day.. ……………

Here is a thought from Kirk Douglas the actor which we can hopefully all learn from.

“Mistakes that are perceived as mistakes are often not mistakes at all.”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting to you all!

Love Marie                                                   (c)

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