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Tag Archives: contemporary naive artist
invitation to Gallerie Knud Grothe, featuring painting by artist marie jonsson harrison

218 European Easter Art Exhibition

EUROPE ART EXHIBITION This Saturday the 12th April is certainly a celebration for me, not only is it my gorgeous daughter Hillivi’s birthday it also is the opening of another art exhibitions with my art in Europe. GALLERIE KNUD GROTHE It is with the very prestigious gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark called Gallerie Knud Grothe and […]


209 The Art of Failing New Years Resolutions

PAINTING So how many of you made New Years Resolutions and how many of you are still going steadfast keeping up your promises?  We all have good intentions for the most part but it is a struggle isn’t it?  In this acrylic on canvas board painting you can find one of my resolutions that seems […]


“The Outsider – Outsider Artist Debate”

ARTISTIST LABELS Funny isn’t it this thing about being pigeonholed, fitting in under a banner or label.  Well I guess if truth shall be known I have never really fitted in anywhere with anything – always been a bit rebellious and found my own way. DECORATIVE ART So why should anything be different now with my Art […]