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Tag Archives: self portrait

204 SAATCHI, ART EXHIBITIONS & bathing boxes

PAINTING SAILING BOATS This painting was such a delight for me to paint with the blue, blue sea in front of our house and the sailing boats for inspiration, added to some photographs of the beach area  locally and then my imagination did the rest.  Obviously it is a really windy day and the title […]


117 Henri Rousseau Naive Artist

NAIF PAINTING Ever since I started painting I have been a big fan of Henri Rousseau’s work. My father said that the art I was producing had something in common with the naifs and bought me a couple of art books; one on Grandma Moses and the other on Henri Rousseau. HERO ARTIST So Henri […]


101 From France with Love in Art

SELF PORTRAIT This painting is a self portrait of me a couple of years ago when I had viral meningitis,(that itself is another story)  but what I want to focus on is the book that I am reading in this acrylic on board artwork, this painting which was bought by a psychiatrist  funnily enough.  Anyway […]