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113 Art & Swedish Traditions, Another weird one

ART AND AUSTRALIA One thing I really miss about living in Australia is the Sankta Lucia tradition, and yes I know some of you are going – What’s that?  This acrylic painting should help to paint the picture for you.  (Although something awful must have happened to the girl on the very right of the […]


63. Smorgasbord Art(continuation of the Swedish Xmas celebrations)

THE ART OF THE SMORGASBORD This story really starts here in this art blog 62. Christmas Again & Art !!!! where we have been doing some mad dancing and other festivities.   After all these goings on we have a little drink and a break before the massive Smorgasbord eating session begins which has been prepared […]



ART FROM SWEDEN TO AUSTRALIA We Swedes are weird, you know in a nice way, and it wasn’t until we immigrated to Australia that I realized that fact.  Well if you don’t believe me take a look at the painting below.  That’s an Easter painting that I was commissioned to do by my American gallery a few […]