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145 Art Lovers & Artists Unite


Have you been wondering why your favorite artist, whether it is visual art, singer, band, writer, photographer or whatever page you have already LIKED is not showing up in your HOME page anymore.

Well the reason is simple since facebook was listed on the stock exchange and did rather worse than expected they are now pulling out the big guns in how to turn a profit.

Artists are passionate people and what could be more passionate than getting married so I thought this acrylic on canvas board was a good fit for this art blog.  This naive painting “BALLOON WEDDING” is also available as Giclee Prints.

painting of a bride and groom getting married whilst in a hot air balloon with fish below in the sea

Hot air Balloon painting


If an ARTIST has a FAN page, facebook are requiring them to pay to have their status updates read by all their subscribers.  This is even though you have already “Liked” the page thus indicating that you would like to see their updates through your homepage regularly.  Instead the content we are currently posting goes through less than 10% of the news-feeds.  We used be able to post updates as messages but that function has been removed as has suggest pages to friends.


However there is a way around this.  Go to your favorite Artists pages and hover over the button on the page where it says “LIKE” or “LIKED” and then make sure you are check marked to “show in news feed”.  This will not cost you anything nor the artist and you won’t miss updates from your favorite pages.

This week I have had several messages saying that none of my posts are coming through to my fans and friends as the same thing is also happening on our own profile pages.   With 3700 fans on my Naive Art by Marie Jonsson-Harrison and a further 2300 subscribers and over 5000 friends on my personal page (never mind 12000 followers all told on social media) I thought this strange to0.  It seems as Facebook is up to the same trick with our friends pages and trying to make you pay either by having a post highlighted, superliked,  announced or  promoted so that your friends will see it.


So there is a way around this too.  Firstly go to the profile page of the person whose content you would like to see in your HOME page and then make sure you have subscribed to their post.   This is of course if they are not already one of your friends and are happy to have people subscribe to their content.  At the same time hover on the subscribed button and tick “all updates” and make sure the events are ticked as well such as status updates, photos, music & video.


Finally the same thing is happening to you and your friends own profile pages.  At the moment Facebook is not putting your friends updates on your home page unless you have specifically asked for it.  So make sure you go to your friends profile pages and hover over the “FRIENDS” button and the dropdown list will come up – there make sure that “show in Newsfeed” is ticked.

What I find sad is that artists all create work because they have a passion; they want to make you FEEL.  Some artists like I would like to make you smile, brighten your day; make you forget your troubles for a little while, make you feel good about being alive and perhaps also make you think about something that you hadn’t thought of before.  Whether it is in regard to human condition the plight of animals, environmental or just a funny situation.

So come on EVERYBODY and support your favourite ARTISTS and brighten everybody’s day.

Here is a quote I like from the movie P.S. I Love You;

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles.  It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting to you,

Love Marie xxxx

So I hope this information was useful to you, however if you want to read something a bit more amusing, here is a link; 6. San Francisco Art Blog

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