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photo of Triki En El Mundo the Cookie Monster in Venice

214 Triki En El Mundo, Cookie Monster for ART & CULTURE


Funny thing about Facebook you find both old and new friends from around the world, some are only acquaintances whilst other come to mean much more than that over time.

artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison and Triki En El Mundo with the duvet from ArtnBED

Triki En El Mundo, artist Marie and ARTnBED

photo of Triki En El Mundo at the Wembley Europe Cup final between Barca and M

Barca supporter


Here is one of my acrylic on board paintings from the Zoo series of naive art (most of those sold in Japan), anyway as you can see the painting has been joined by what seems to be a little blue Cookie Monster.  Well you are half right – that is Triki En El Mundo (Triki in the World) and somehow or another he is a friend of mine on Facebook, well who can resist when a cookie monster comes calling and wants to be your friend!

painting At the Zoo,by artist marie jonsson harrison with cookie monster Triki En El Mundo

Triki the Cookie Monster at the Zoo


So I must say I was very intrigued why this cookie monster had his own Facebook page and I was seeing his post through my news feed often.  He seemed to be linked to a lady by the name of Arual Laura who also would appear with Triki from time to time.  Their posts were mostly in Spanish so I couldn’t quite follow everything that was said but what I did understand was that both Triki and Arual were very fond of art and culture. They had the same idea about Facebook as me, which is to use it to try to make people happy and put a smile on someone’s face.

 photograph of Cookie Monster Triki En El Mundo with Doctor Arual Laura

Doctor Arual Laura and Triki En El Mundo


Both Arual and Triki was also very complimentary about my art and so one day after Triki commented on my paintings and said “Always fascinated by your Art” I replied and told him that I was very fascinated by Triki and wanted to know all about him.

So this is what Triki En El Mundo- The Cookie Monster said to me;

To make a long story short I met the Doctor Arual Laura through Internet.  I was living in Victoria, Canada with our friend Rob Agnew. The Doctor was just divorced and was feeling sad and lonely.  Rob and her wife Sheila used to speak with her through video conference to try to cheer her up.   She loved cookie monster and Rob put me every day in front of the camera to make her smile.  She seemed to have a crush on me, so one day Rob put me inside a box and sent me to Spain as a Xmas present with a short note that said;

“You are blonde, beautiful and you are alone, so I have decided to come to Spain to sleep with you and to take care of you”

Rob died 3 years ago and the Doctor put a picture of me on her Facebook as homage to him.  Her friends began to speak with me; I seemed to be lot of fun, a new picture every day.  Finally the sponsors of Barça football team met me as I am a Barça great fan and took me with them to Wembley for the final of the Europe cup in 2011.

photo of Cookie Monster Triki En El Mundo and  Spain coach  for Barca, Vicente del Bosque

Triki and Vicente del Bosque

I became famous and opened my own Facebook.  Since then I am here, supporting art and culture, having fun and travelling with lot of different people… everyone seems to want to take me round the world, I am quite a lucky plush toy, I always travel free. “

photograph of Ronald Koeman, part of the Dream Team for Barca and Triki En El Mundo

Triki with Ronald Koeman from the Dream Team


So now you understand why I had to write a blog about Triki and Arual it is such a sweet story.   I hope one day that Triki can come and visit me in Australia but for now I will have to be happy that he was able to “join” me in some photographs at least.  When I asked if I could write a blog about them Triki also told me that he lives a life like anybody else.  He has 5 brothers at home and even a son – he is a single father as his girlfriend ditched him and has many cousins all over the world.

photograph of Triki En El Mundo, wearing his tuxedo in a Palau de la Musica concert

At Palau de la Musica concert


He likes to travel with anyone who will take him around and has been to Morocco, Poland, France, England, Turkey, Czech Republic, Cuba, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, India and seen most of Spain.

photo of Triki En El Mundo and son at the Park Güell Gaudi

Triki and his son at Park Guell Gaudi

Triki is also invited to all sorts of events as you can see from his pictures, weddings, marathons, concerts, cinema, theater, art exhibitions and as mentioned to the Wembley Europe Cup final between Barca and Manchester United.

Here is two quotes I think fits well here;

“The Word is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”

by St. Augustine and also;

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. ” by Mark Twain

Till next time happy painting and sculpting and just like Triki cheering people up!

Love Marie xxx

photo of Triki En El Mundo the Cookie Monster in Venice

Triki on holidays in Venice

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