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76 Renewing our Vows in Vegas & Art


As part of our trip to the US we were going to Las Vegas and having always heard about the Little White Wedding Chapel  and the celebrities who got married there which include Britney Spears, Demi Moore & Bruce Willis, Joan Collins, Michael Jordon, The Who, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Patty Duke, Mickey Rooney, we thought it would be lots of fun to renew our vows there too.

painting of cats dressed in wedding outfits getting married in Las Vegas

Cats getting married


This naive painting is part of my Cat & Dog series and I have actually painted two very similar works but in different colors as it evoked such happy memories, one which sold in my Japanese exhibition and the other just recently here.

You see hubby was finally taking me to America something he promised to do 25 years prior, so you can’t say he doesn’t keep his promises.  The promise was made in a weak moment, lol when he was trying to get me to marry him – I had been in Europe modeling for the best part of two years and had come home to Australia to spend Christmas with my parents.  Bryan and I had taken a break from our relationship which had begun when I was 14 and I had full intention of fulfilling my potential and going on to New York where I had been offered a six month contract to model in the Big Apple.   Well the rest is history; I never made it to New York that time, instead stayed put, married the love of my life and instead was eventually crowned the’ Australian Model of the Year’ which was a pretty good compensation anyway.

Finally he makes good on his promise (lol, you know how kids, houses and life gets in the way) and after a week of Disney land and all the things LA has to offer we are on the plane for Vegas.  Kai and Hillivi our children are with us for the big family holiday, and the wedding is all planned and booked.  I have a beautiful pink dress,  Hillivi my bridesmaid will be in a matching dress, and  Bryan and Kai have suits with matching pink ties.  Every detail thought of.


So we arrive in Vegas and are in awe already, all the lights are flashing and there are slot machines all around even at the airport.  We do meander a bit but not too long and get to the baggage collection area, and wait and wait.  Everyone’s bags turn up apart from Bryans, which just happens to be the one with all the important stuff in it – just bought Christmas presents, film camera, wedding shirt, as well as every single bit of Bryans clothing including the winter clothes for New York (where it’s snowing &  minus 11).

Luckily the suits were in a separate carryon bag and I had the ties in mine, as the wedding was that afternoon at 5pm with not much time to dally around.  We had to improvise and he wore a white striped shirt, which if he had taken his jacket off would have made you laugh with a huge emblem on the back! We never did find out what happened to the bag as it never turned up.  We imagine there is a very well dressed hobo wandering around filming at the airport!   Bryan had to buy a whole lot of clothes in Vegas – and we just couldn’t stop stirring him about the souvenir style gear he got with “I Love Vegas” on every item!

Photo of Las Vegas hotel Monte Carlo

Artistic Inspiration

I am happy to say the rest of the day went off without a hitch, we stayed in a couple of gorgeous rooms at the very flash Monte Carlo.  The limousine picked us up and took us down the strip past all the iconic Casinos with a million people milling around and lights flashing.  The wedding chapel even has a Drive-through section but we had the ceremony in an intimate little room with a Negro celebrant who was fantastic and added to the atmosphere.


It was really emotional and romantic and such a marvelous occasion to share with our two kids who looked just so beautiful and handsome respectively. After all the photos we returned to the hotel in the limo and found a wonderful  trolley laden with all kinds of cheeses, crackers, fruits,  nuts and a bottle of red in our room, which we thought the hotel had so kindly provided us with. So we hoed into that and had a wow of a time until we found a little card tucked under a napkin with a middle eastern name on it (now we got worried about the mafia, lol) but then found out luckily it was actually for the guest that had already vacated our room earlier in the day.

Whoops, lol, but the hotel were very good and just let us have it. Then still in our glad rags we went and caught the Monorail and explored Vegas and then finally at 11pm thought we better have our wedding dinner (we had stuffed ourselves silly on that cheese platter!).  Anyway we had our celebration dinner in a gorgeous little Italian restaurant in the Stratosphere Casino, and it was one of those nights were everything just fell into place and was wonderful.

Four very tired little vegemites caught the last Monorail back to the Monte Carlo at 2 am, exhausted with sore feet but very happy.  You may enjoy another travel and art blog, here is a link;90 I Miss New York and  137 ICE SKATING IN CENTRAL PARK

I will repeat this quote here as it fits so perfectly said by someone I greatly admire, Oprah Winfrey (Television host and Philanthropist)

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting to you all,

Love Marie xxx        (c)

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