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9. Bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge & ART (continuing tales of San Francisco)


On this detail below from the painting “I love San Francisco”, you can see Golden Gate bridge and here is a link to the whole artwork and the art blog called 6. San Francisco where this tale begins,followed by 7. More tales from San Francisco and if after you read this and still want more here is the last installment in this paintings blog 17. The Jail Bird in Alcatraz (the last bit of the San Francisco tales).


So after all that stuffing of our faces, we had to get some exercise in,  so of we trotted up and down nearly every street of this fair city, and zig zagged down  the crookest road in the world, all the while with one eye behind us (well…the Muni Stabber..remember!)

naive painting detail by Marie Jonsson-Harrison called I love San Francisco,of the city and people

I had to see firsthand all the places that I had previously painted and found Pier 39 and after a little walk-about there,  decided to bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge, found ourselves a very Happy Chappie who enthusiastically sold us on the idea of using his company, a bike each and helmets (yuck hat hair).So we were ready to go with a water bottle, map in hand, when the Happy Chappie  told us the entire bike ride from the pier across the bridge to Sausalito and then the ferry back would be no more than one and a half hours max.


Yea Right!  We were skeptical before we set off, but hey nothing ventured nothing gained right? So off we go, and boy I am glad we did, fantastic experience, peddled our butts off and had so much fun, but even without more than a couple of photo stops it took 3 hours to reach Sausalito.  What he had also neglected to tell us was that the ‘you beaut’ ferry only went a few times a day and the next one was not due for another hour and a half, and by the time we got on it, it was pitch black.

The saga didn’t end there either for this little ferry did not go back to Pier 39, oh no this one went to the SF Harbour proper, with a 20 minute bike ride in the dark.  So 6 hours later we finally got back to the still very enthusiastic hire fellow, as luck would have it, ran a 24 hours a day bike return, although funnily enough we had to pay by the hour!  Well what could you say apart from, Thank you, we had a lovely day! Lol  There certainly are many more paintings & paintings blogs inspirations here!

Here is another quote I like from J.P. Donleavy(writer);

“When you don’t have any money, the problem is food.  When you have money, it’s sex.  When you have both, it’s health.  If everything is simply jake, then you’re frightened of death”

How True!

Till next time, happy painting and sculpting everyone,

Love Marie

(To be continued)                                              (c)

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