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14. Adam & Steve 2 Sculpture


I have actually painted a couple of paintings on this theme, as well as the original “Adam and Eve”, which I will tell you about another time.  What inspired this particular artwork which is done in handmade ceramic and mosaic was that my gallery here in Adelaide was having a Christmas show called Erotic and Exotic, and as I discussed this fact with a fellow artist (who paints wonderful landscapes mainly) she suggested the scene of Adam and Steve in the bridal getup.

Outsider artist Marie Jonsson's wallbased sculpture called Adam & Steve made from ceramic & mosaic

Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eden


The second she said it, I saw the whole finished image in my mind.  That is a funny thing with me, it often happens like that, one sentence and the finished painting or sculpture is already formed.

Well in any case home I went to start it, but it never made the Christmas show instead I kept it for my solo exhibition where it sold before the opening.

This conversation was related to me by the gallery director, and I found it quite amusing.

An elderly client in his 80’s came in to have a look with his elderly wife and after having looked around the exhibition for a while he pointed at “Adam and Steve” and said that he would like to buy that one.

His wife was up in arms over this suggestion and told her husband in no uncertain terms; “Goodness me, whatever for, you are over 80 years old and for goodness sake, what are you going to do with THAT artwork?”

Whereupon the elderly gentle man replied “That is exactly why I would like to purchase this artwork, because I am TOO OLD to do all the things I used to do or would like to do, but what I Can Still Do is to sit at home and look at this artwork and be amused by it.”

And without further discussion he went ahead and purchased the piece. (I may also have to paint that interaction at some later stage. Lol)


It should also be said that this image was use for a book published in America (Hendrickson Publications Peabody Massachusetts USA )

Here is a quote I think fits here by Walt Kelly (cartoonist) from the book which I find very amusing called ‘Don’t forget to sing in the Lifeboats’

“Don’t take life too seriously.  It ain’t nohow permanent”

Till next time, happy painting and sculpting to you all!

Love Marie xxx                                                                             (c)

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