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33. Art & Dont worry be happy


Well that is easier said than done sometimes isn’t it?  For me it is something that I understood with time and to make oneself happy may not always be through art necessarily but I do think it comes from making a decision and getting absorb and involved in something other than our own feelings and what ever it is that is troubling us at the time.

I have just had one heck of a day and don’t you just hate that.  You are minding your own business going about your life with all its ups and downs when someone throws a curve ball at you for no good reason whatsoever.  I think sometimes because they are unhappy with their own life and see others happy around them and want to take them down a peg or two.


It seems very strange to me that people get very militant about the smallest of issues when they are part of a committee.  It seems that when some people do not have enough authority over their own life and are unhappy within themselves they feel the need to exert their authority over others no matter how silly their arguments are.  My wish for people like that is that they would find something creative to do that would give them peace.

pigs in mud,naive style by artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison

Naive Painting of Happy Pigs!


It made me think very much about this painting that is one of my early works.( excuse the quality of the image) ‘HAPPY AS A PIG IN SHIT” And no I refuse to call it mud, because shit was how I felt when painting it, well not the whole time obviously lol but I realized that I could take away my own pain and worry by getting totally absorbed in my art, and that you can make yourself happy and that happiness is a state of mind, something you choose to do.

That said let’s not diminish the fact that in some extreme circumstances that may not be possible to do for a long time, as when a loved one dies or other tragedies.  However I do believe that eventually when the pain and hurt settles somewhat we can again choose to be happy, perhaps not happy all the time but at least some of the time, well that is my naive view.


You see at the time I discovered that I could heal my own pain was about 22 years ago.  I had been painting for about a year, and had gone to The Northern Territory for 8 months, we had a large mortgage on our house in South Australia and lived in a caravan in the Northern Territory whilst my husband worked on the Tindal Base, and had a little 1 year old child.

I had left my glamorous life as a model to become a mum (being a mum was something I totally loved) although I had not counted on the isolation or the fact that I had relationship troubles with my own mum, and shortly after that problems within my marriage.   I was feeling homesick and living in a caravan and coping with the heat.   My darling dog died from rat poisoning in SA and to top that all of we suddenly found ourselves in big financial trouble.  Yes you know the drill – one thing after the other happened.  So my rescue from all these troubles was being able to get absorb in my paintings and making myself happy.

So life happens to you whilst you are busy doing other things as John Lennon is famous for quoting.

Another interesting fact I found out is that the saying Don’t worry be happy was originally said by the Indian mystic Meher Baba who lived 1894-1969, and not as I thought by Bobby McFerrin who made those words so famous in his song by the same name.  What a wonderful gift they both gave us – “DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY”

Till I see you again, happy painting and sculpting to you all,

Much love

Marie xxxxxx                                                                                       (c)

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