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38. Little Birdy Floyd painting


In this painting “Spring at last” is a sweet little bird named Floyd, a cockatiel whom we shared our life’s with for several years after Bryan and I got married.

You see, at that stage we lived in an apartment and the rules were no pets.  Well I think a bird did not count with the landlord, at least I hope so because Floyd was there.

He was our Practice childif you like.  You know how it goes you do not feel ready for real children but you want to nest and share your life with the patter of little feet and in this situation they were very little indeed.

Naive artist Marie Jonsson-Harrisons painting cat watching her cockatiel bird through the window

Hello lunch!

Floyd was an absolutely gorgeous bird, and I cried buckets when he died very young after only a couple of years.


Poor Floyd,  you see as far as a ‘practice child’ goes, we were terrible parents,  well I haven’t had it confirmed because the vet told us an autopsy on  the little bird was out of our price range at the time.  However Floyd did develop kidney problems and I have a strong suspicion that had to do with his party trick of loving to drink out of our wine glasses when we had a party, much to the delight and amusements of our guests.

We were obviously young and stupid and very lucky he was not of the human variety or we would be facing serious charges by now for being bad parents.  If you fancy another art blog about birds with a funny and happy ending here is a link for you 16. In a Jam with ART


Another thing Floyd used to do just for kicks was to totally trick us.  He lived in a cage in the kitchen mostly, although he would fly around our apartment quite a lot, much to the dismay of our cleaning lady whom thought bird poop on the curtain rod or the tops of the doors was a bit much.  So even in that area we had a lot to learn about keeping house and looking after offspring, lol.

Anyway in kitchen at the time we had one of those kettles that would whistle as loud as can be until we came running to turn it off (technology has moved on somewhat!)

In any case Floyd learned to imitate the kettle perfectly and had both me and Bryan running into the kitchen constantly as if you didn’t turn that damn kettle off it would spill water all over the place and just continue with the noise until you did.

Clever little Floyd ran that house hold and fooled us time after time, whenever he felt like a bit of company.

I am happy to report our parenting skills improved and I think Flannery O’Connor (writer) quote fits in here.

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting to you all!

Love Marie                     (c)

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