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65. That Old Fella & Art


You know sometimes when you go to see a comedy show you may not be expecting too much, as the names on the show list are not people you are familiar with.  Well that is what happened to us a year or so ago.   We are avid comedy fans and go quite regularly and our top pick would have to be Billy Connolly, and as you can see by this acrylic painting called “A Viagra tab a day keeps the blues away” my humor can be quite naughty too at times.  Here is a link to an even “naughtier art blog53. Art & Bachelorette – A Hens night out


However this night in question was a fundraiser for Shamus Liptrot a gorgeous local boy who was injured in a bike racing accident. The Balaklava Institute (a great venue for any artistic pursuit) was full to overflowing this night with 250+ people in attendance and there were 4 comedians there to entertain us with local boy made good Anthony Lamond who although a comedian in his own right did the job as MC which he is very skillful at.

Now this could be hit or miss but I am happy to report that they were all good, however it was the last fellow who stole the night – Rodney Gregory, the old fella, as he calls himself.  Yes, that is how he comes across too, he is an old retired farmer but what comes out of his mouth is not the language usually associated with the farmers I know,   they are usually big on discussing the weather and the crops etc.  With Rodney it was a different matter altogether,  with Viagra being one of the topics,  not that I remembered hearing any swear words but the subject matter certainly is not for the faint hearted.


He was absolutely funny as a fit and quite unexpected too as when he first appears on stage you feel sorry for the guy and think he is way too old to be sharp and on the ball.  I couldn’t have been more WRONG!

So after this night I have followed Rod’s career and seen that it is just going from strength to strength with many sell our shows and great gigs like the Comedy club in Sydney and the upcoming Fringe Festival 2011 in Adelaide as well as appearing with the Australian Queen of comedy Fiona O’Loughlin at another fundraising show in Ardrossan.  Just recently he took part in the filming of a new Comedy DVD with another great comedian Mickey D at the Arkaba here in South Australia in front of 600 people with another 70 or so people turned away at the door.

I goes without saying then that we have been to see him again, and saw another fantastic show just a little while ago at the Noarlunga Art Centre, together with another bunch of very good upcoming comedians.  Rod was the headliner and closed the show and had us all crying with laughter.  The age range at our table was from 19-75 whom all thought he was funny as a fit, his humor appealing to a broad range of ages.


I must say that I was quite surprised when we caught up afterwards – his stage persona is more like a dottering old fella, but that is just a very clever stage act and the real life Mr. Rodney Gregory is quite debonair, with a real sophisticated charm and seems years younger than his onstage persona.

So if you as yet have not caught up with his show, I strongly suggest that you do so, here is the link to his website for more information.

I am sure most of you would know by now that The Old Fella’s career has just gone from strength to strength, after he was selected as on of the 10 finalists in last years season from the Australia’s Got Talent.  My husband and I were invited to fly over to Melbourne for the final and we spent a whole day at the Docklands, supporting Rod whilst the show was taped and also met quite a few of the other finalists.  A great couple of days! Lots more ideas for future artworks.

Rod’s catch cry is; wouldn’t be dead for quids!  Perhaps Rodney had Samuel Johnson’s (writer & lexicographer) words in mind when he left farming behind.

“Don’t think of retiring from the world until the world will be sorry that you retire.   I hate a fellow whom pride or cowardice or laziness drives into a corner, and who does nothing when he is there but sit and growl.  Let him come out as I do, and bark.”

Till next time, happy painting and sculpting to you all!

Love Marie xxx                                                                            (c)

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