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85 Art & Birthday Treat and long Pockets


Oh I already know that I am just the luckiest mum in the world with the two loveliest kids you could ever ask for, that said this particular story is about Baby girl (still call her that even though she is 20 now, you will find her in a lot of my paintings, mostly still as a child. )

naive painting of Our family in Ubud Bali's Monkey Forest and being frightened by male monkey

Monkeys in Ubud

I just had another birthday and as I have said before they just keep on coming seem to lurch from one to another with breakneck speed.  This time I turned 39 and some months, lol and the good thing about that number is the indefinite aspect!  I can just keep on turning 39 and some months without a word of a lie, right?

There was a lot of phone calls back and forth between my husband and Baby girl (Hillivi) in the days leading up to the birthday and a lot of whispering until I was given my instructions.


I had to arrive at Hillivi’s unit at 11am sharp, and there she was standing outside with a lovely bunch of tulips and my heart skipped a beat.  After the birthday kisses she said;  “shove over I’m driving you today” and off we went to a lovely little café for Brunch, and to say that this particular place made the best Belgian hot chocolates in the whole world is not overstating it at all (the food was very yummy too).

Hillivi kept looking at her watch and then said ok now it’s time to go.  “Go where?” I said.  “Never you mind mummy, you will see,” and with that we hopped into the car for a bit again.  If you look closely at these artworks you will see a girl with blond hair either in pigtails or ponytail sticking straight up, well that is Hillivi, always my cute little girl!

The next place was the movies, and she had tickets for “Something borrowed” a chick flick which we both thoroughly enjoyed.  She generously offered both chocolates and popcorn to go with it, tempted as I was I restrained myself (well we had just had a big Brunch after all and I cannot be little miss piggy all the time, lol)

After the movies we set off again, this time for a spot of shopping in the city but there was more, as Hillivi still kept on checking her watch and then led me on a mysterious walk, looking for some place.


Lucky me, it was the London Beauty Spa and I had my choice of a massage or manicure/pedicure.  We chose to stick together and sit side by side for the manicures, sipping cuppa-chinos, the whole experience was such a lovely treat and Jackie, the girl who owned the place was from London and very cool and hip.


See what a lucky mum I am!  The day was rounded up with a fab dinner joined by hubby, kids and their lovely partners (my heart skipped another beat when I saw Baby boy and his huge pressie), at a bohemian kind of place called Zootz  at Henley beach.  A place that I can thoroughly recommend, the food was delicious and the staff delightful and they catered very well for both vegetarian and gluten intolerant people too.


I cannot say the same for the Wine Underground I’m afraid, which is where we went with friends the next night, the only redeeming factor was the lovely friends we were with.   It was a more posh affair, the kind where you need the binoculars to find the food on your plate and still need to go to McDonalds to take away the hunger pains!  My beef was (mmm…maybe that’s the wrong choice of words for a vegetarian) that I had told them when booking that one of us were gluten intolerant/vegetarian, and asked whether they could accommodate that.  To cut a long story short when we get there, their one option for a vego person was not gluten free and no, the chef could not make me anything else and what I got for dinner was a huge white plate – and in the middle of it was 2 figs cut in quarters one potato cut in bits, with gorgonzola sauce.  How come the mains do not come with salad or vegetables, but they have to be ordered separately, twelve bucks for wilted spinach the size of my fist, whats with that I ask you “wilted” lol, (where was the fresh!).   It did all taste nice but I had to send out a search party to find the food, and next time I should wear pants like the Scottish do with very very long pockets.  Sorry but I cannot quite reach my wallet!  I wonder how that would go down, lol.

So here is a quote I thought would fit in here;

“Nouvelle Cuisine, roughly translated means;   I can’t believe I paid ninety-six dollars and I’m still hungry.”  (Mike Kalin)

Till next time happy painting and sculpting to you all,

Love Marie xxx  (C)

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