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123 Still Smoking Hot in Art


This acrylic painting is called “Oh my god, my gown won’t shut I’m showing my butt” and was inspired by my own stay in hospital some years ago.  So true isn’t it why do they like you to have your bottom hanging out when you are sick!!!

patience in hospital with their bottom showing through hospital gowns and old people in old folks home

Oh my god, my gown won't shut I am showing my butt!

I woke myself up giggling this morning and just couldn’t stop, lol, you see my mother is in hospital – yes I know that in itself is not funny at all of course, but she is funny, so let me explain.


My mum is in her 70’s and not that you would ever think that to look at her and she is on the go all the time, still working and running around a million miles an hour.  There are lots of things that I like – yes love about my mum and one of those things is her sense of humor, she knows how to take the Mickey out of anything.  If there is some fun to be had she will find it and if she cannot find any fun she will make her own and grab me or whoever is near and have a little dance, her favorite the tango.


So backtrack to yesterday and my visit to my mother who is in hospital with pneumonia.  The pneumonia she has had for quite a few weeks but of course she has not taken to her bed but kept up all her engagements as usual, not missing a beat.  When she finally showed up to the Doctor to get her third lot of antibiotics, the Dr decided rather wisely that she had to be admitted to hospital.  So there she was in a ward of 6, coughing her lungs up and with oxygen mask attached to her face and a drip with antibiotics in her arm.  The other ladies around her seemed much older and some were decidedly ‘off with the fairies’ and that’s where my mum’s hilarious impressions come in.

You see the lady in the bed opposite must be suffering from some kind of dementia because there she is smoking in hospital – not just one cigarette, oh no she puffs on one after the other all day!

My mum did a sterling impression; you see of course you cannot smoke in the hospital so it’s done with either a straw or a red pen.  As mum showed, the cigarette is held elegantly in the right hand, and then a big drag of “smoke” is inhaled and blown out again, whereby the ash will then have to be flicked into an empty water-glass on the bedside table.  This scenario is repeated continuously throughout the day, so much so that when the TV man came by to see if my mother wanted the television connected she said she didn’t have time for that when there was such an interesting view across the room.


So Mum had my father, brother and I in stitches with her renditions of this smoking lady but of course there were more tricks to her repertoire!  There was of course the undressing – the lady in question obviously did not like clothes much, perhaps she was one who had enjoyed the freedom of the nudist clubs in her past.  Well either that or it is just one of these things as you get older and lose your faculties, the thing is at every opportunity the lady took her clothes off.  Much to the annoyance of the nurses, who had to turn up at her bedside 18 times a day and put her clothes back on.  My mum cried with laughter as she relayed the goings on, and as if that wasn’t bad enough the lady in question liked to lie in the bed with her legs far apart!  Mum said it was really lucky for them all that the lady was wearing nappies!


Now of course this in itself is very sad for the lady and her family – but I do think my mum is on to something with her attitude.  You can either get depressed and think how sad and tragic life is and worry for your own future, I mean my mum is in her 70’s  after all.  Or you can live everyday to the full and enjoy each minute and find a laugh where it lands without judgement or thought.  We all got to die sometime but until then let’s just celebrate and find the humor around every corner and remember that you only live once.


My mother in law also made me laugh last time she was in hospital, she was rushed in for another heart attack, number 4 thank you very much!  She spent the first few days in intensive care and then was supposed to be put in another ward.  However when she heard which ward, she put her foot down and said indignantly  “What, there is no way you are moving me up to that ward – that’s full of old people”  The funny thing is she is 82 years old, lol, that’s the spirit isn’t it!

So here is a quote that I love on the topic (author unknown)

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty & well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming; “WOW WHAT A RIDE!”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting and laughing to you all,

Love Marie xxx

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