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photo of artist and model marie jonsson harrison and hillivi harrison, burnside village, mothers day fashion parades

221 The ART of Modelling for Mothers Day


This photo was taken for ARTnBED and features my painting “The True Colors of Hindley Street” which was chosen for the launch of the ARTnBED in New York.  It also features us – mother and daughter together modelling and that was lots of fun to do.  It is something my daughter Hillivi and I have done a few times now and for me that is a real privilege.

photo of marie jonsson harrison and hillivi harrison, tanya powell models

Mother and Daughter


We just did a fashion parade together at the Burnside Village shopping centre for the Womens and Children’s Hospital Foundation, for Mothers Day.  To combine models with their children for this occasion was an idea from my good friend Christina Angus the Event Manager and then helped along by Tanya Powel Model Agency and a lot of hard work and coordination by  Elisabeth and Adam from Mostly Kids Model Agency.

photo of gym outfit modelled by artist and model marie jonsson harrison, Tanya Powell Model Agency

The Art of jumping for joy!

Christina had for years suggested I hit the catwalk again as had a couple of my model agencies over the years but I have just been way to busy and the timing was never right.  However the chance of working with babygirl was the sweetener to the deal so finally it all came about.  A lot of you know about my former career and background as Australian Model of the Year, but if you want to read more here are some Modelling Stories


The trend in older models coming back to work is really thanks to the baby boomer generation who wants to see themselves represented, which has sparked the new trend of using older models.  I think that is fair enough really, as a girl of 14 just does not look the same in the clothes as someone more mature.

The other benefit of hitting the catwalk was catching up with my past model friends all gorgeous and lovely girls who time has been very kind to, and I look forward to seeing them all soon again.


The upshot of this is that I have joined Hillivi back on Tanya Powel Model Agency’s books after years away, lol, strange how life goes in swings and roundabouts!  I am only available for the occasional job though as my art and painting comes first.  Working with my daughter has the added bonus that we take over the role of stylist from each other too and oversee each other’s photo shoots.  Thought I would share some shots I did the other day for the model website which was lots of fun with Hillivi and the wonderful photography of Greg Schwark. This all is wonderful inspiration for me for future artwork and more naive art images to come.

The Advertiser, 15.4.14, artist and model marie jonsson harrison and model hillivi harrison


Last week was a whirlwind of modelling assignments and art as we had to fit in my painting and Hillivi’s nursing as well as photo shoots for the paper, interviews, fittings, rehearsals and parades.

photo of Miss Universe finalist in the South Australian section, Model Hillivi Harrison

Model and Miss Universe contestant Hillivi Harrison


On top of all that Hillivi had been chosen as one of the 18 South Australian finalists in the Miss Universe competition so she had a whole day of judging and rehearsals to fit in as well.  Apparently Hillivi missed out with the narrowest of margins on the chance to represent South Australia in the National competition but I really hope she decides to give it another go next year.  A prouder mother than me would be hard to find, lol but Hillivi is as gorgeous on the inside as the outside and I am a very lucky mum!

Hillivi is wearing a  gorgeous dress very kindly provided by Bridal on Pultney.

Here is another quote that I think fits perfectly well here by George Burns;

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU ALL!

Love Marie xxx

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photo of artist and model marie jonsson harrison and hillivi harrison, burnside village, mothers day fashion parades

Mother and daughter modelling for Mothers Day

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