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Still life, naive painting of flamingos,artist marie jonsson harrison, detail


Looking At Examples of Beautiful and Modern Still Life Paintings

Still life painting is an old type of art that was here even before the development of modern day technological systems such as photography. This is an art that involves drawing an image as it appears in life. It involves several hours of sitting because the artist wants to get a good view of the object he is drawing throughout the session. Many such paintings are costly because of the effort that goes into producing the pieces. Still life paintings always have the painter’s personal touch because different people will see different things in the same object.

Still life, acrylic painting of flamingos,by artist marie jonsson harrison

Painting still life

A Painting of the Same Object Might Look Different Depending On the Artist

Because different artists look at things differently, it is important to note that although the obvious features on a still life painting may be the same, the finer details will mostly vary depending on the way the artist in question looks at the object. The size of the painting is a major point of departure when looking at works of different artists. When an object is done in real life size, the images may be slightly similar even though it is never easy to get accurate measurements considering that the artist has to look at the object and draw using his or her free hand. This only means that paintings of the same still life object by different artists will vary in size.


This particular painting is one I did rather early on in my art career just after I had been discovered by Elders Fine Art Gallery.  Jim Elder commissioned me to paint it for their invitations and had asked me to paint a beautiful vista!  Lol in those days I was befuddled by that request as I had no idea what a vista was, but I soon got up to speed with the language of art and loved getting immersed in the view and the flamingos.

Things That Determine the Value of a Good Still Life Painting

Besides the object in question, there are many other things that determine the value of a painting. The kind of paint used is one major factor. There are mainly two kinds of paints that many artists use. Water based paints and oil based paints. Water based paints are natural paints mixed with water. This however makes them difficult to maintain over longer periods of time especially if the painting is not framed using protective material. A simple spill of water on the painting could completely damage the painting. Oil paintings on the other hand are more durable because they are not easy to wash of. This means that they can survive longer especially if kept in protected environments. This is the reason most of the greatest still life paintings were done using oil paints.

The Purpose of a Painting Also Adds Value to the Piece

Artists make paintings for various reasons. A piece of still life painting often resonates with a certain group of people depending on the message that it sends. People have used paintings to promote campaigns, pass information, create awareness and in other instances to express their inner feelings. All these purposes have a major impact on the painting. Considering that art is always about passion, it takes a passionate feeling from the artist to capture the mood in the still life object in question. That is why some paintings turn out so memorable and emotional than others. Some of the most famous paintings in still life are those that have so much emotional sentiments. The sentiments that such paintings evoke, also contribute to making them more valuable and costly.

How to Sell Still Life Paintings

There are many art galleries that exhibit still life paintings. When one needs to buy a piece from such galleries, there are important things to consider. Many will look at the size of the painting and its originality. Every art lover wants to have an original piece that they can take pride in owning. The material used to frame the painting can also influence the cost of a piece and should always be considered.

So I wish all of you art lovers out there a wonderful time viewing all the different types of art and really enjoying the experience, us artists would like to think it adds value to your lives.

Still life, naive painting of flamingos,artist marie jonsson harrison, detail

Painting water with water based paints!

Here is a quote by Henry Ward  Beecher, that I think fits perfectly well here:

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

Till next time happy painting and sculpting to you all.

Love Marie xxx

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